Things to do in Kefalonia
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As expert connoisseurs of our beautiful island, we have prepared a list of all the top things to do in Kefalonia, best attractions and must see beaches. Apart from the so photographed and advertised places to visit on the island, we attempt to guide you through the alternative part of Kefalonia that thrives with natural beauty and picture-perfect settings unknown to the many.
So, if you are wondering what to do and what are the top places to visit during your holiday in Kefalonia, consult our list of suggestions below or just ask us!

Aerial View Of Melissani Cave, Kefalonia
Your Hidden Gems’ Bucket List

Undiscovered Kefalonia, the story we love to tell…Read on to discover some of the most enthralling beaches not only n Kefalonia, but the entire Greece!

Assos beach in Kefalonia
Traditional Building With Pink Flowers, Kefalonia

Hidden Kefalonia

The stunning and unspoiled beaches of Fteri and Amidi are found on the western part of the island and the northern side of Paliki peninsula. Two untouched havens of turquoise waters and white, dramatic cliffs in the backdrop, only visited by boat or on foot.
Very near Fteri and Amidi, you will also find Vouti beach, a tranquil coast with emerald waters and large white pebbles boasting views to the open sea and the imposing mountains of the island.
Heading to the south, only a few minutes’ drive from Kefalonia’s capital Argostoli, in the area of Lassi, you will find Paliostafida beach, a calm and uncrowded coast with views to the bay, surrounded by steep verdant cliffs, tall pine trees and various indigenous plants. The beach, although quite unknown, is fully organized with umbrellas and sunbeds and features shallow, clean waters ideal for families with young children. This is the beach right in front of Thalassa Boutique Hotel!
Saint Thomas (Agios Thomas) beach is another hidden gem that has been left out from most travel guides; a small, beautiful coast surrounded by lush greenery with fine sand and shallow, warm waters. This and its easy access make it ideal for children while the seabed is perfect for snorkeling lovers. Here you will also find caves and paths waiting to be explored.

Even southern, near the popular beach of Skala, you will find Koroni beach, similar in looks but much quieter and especially scenic. Its golden fine sand, turquoise waters and the stunning sunset views make this one of the best attractions on this part of the island.
Our list of insider’s tips for beach life in Kefalonia concludes with two more treasured heavens, Horgota and Alaties. Horgota got in the spotlight after the release of the Hollywood film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” as it served as the venue of one of the movie’s most popular scenes. A picturesque coast, totally unorganized, with coarse white pebbles and green waters that reflect the lush greenery that surrounds the bay. Horgota is found on the eastern coastline of Kefalonia, between Fiskardo and Agia Efimia.
Alaties is located at about 45km northern of Argostoli and consists in a peaceful small bay with sand and turquoise waters formed by two white cliffs with a lunar morphology. There are several holes on those two rocks where seawater sits and evaporates and this is the spot where locals used to gather salt in older times. And this is where the area took its name as it means Salt in Greek.


If you are still wondering what to do during your holiday in Kefalonia, apart from visiting the dozens of the island’s beaches, we provide below an indicative list of the top sightseeing on the island.

  • Koutavos Lagoon and De Bosset (Drapano) Bridge
  • Argostoli, the island’s capital
  • The Castle of Saint George
  • Melissani Cave & Lake
  • Drogarati Cave
  • Agios Gerasimos
  • Mount Ainos
  • The villages in Livatho area from Svoronata – Kourkoumelata – Sarlata – Peratata – Ntomata – Lakithra
  • The graphic village of Fiscardo
  • Assos, the most romantic, fairy-tale like settlement of Kefalonia
Greek Island Kefalonia. Assos Cityscape. Colored Houses On The G